It can perform perfect internal chamfering, external chamfering and face cleaning simultaneously.
Chamfering diamonds can be changed easily in the tool holders designed with high strength and long life.
It operates at two-stage dynamic speed for better surface quality and higher productivity.
Tool head approaches the workpiece quickly for reduced cycle time
Slow chamfering results in better surface quality
By its high-quality casting body and tool head bed, it absorbs vibration, works silently, stable and offers the best surface quality every time.

Round Tubes:Ø20mm~80mm
Round Solids:Ø9mm~50mm(sadece dış pah)
1) 1 Set of Clamping Jaws
2) 1 Set of Tool Head and Tool Holder Set
3) 1 Set Tool Box
4) 1 User Manual (English)

1) Inverter
2) Foot Pedal
3) Special Tool for Small Diameters