Ideal for cutting thin walled (stainless) tubes and profiles, sticky materials


The Power NX saw blade has specifically been designed for cutting (very) thin walled (stainless) steel tubes and profiles.

A special, temperature resistant, thin PVD coating, combined with a thinned cutting area, enables these blades to be used for extremely demanding applications, like fast cutting of thin walled products.


  • Especially designed for cutting stainless steel
  • Thin PVD coating with a very low friction coefficient and high hardness
  • Very suitable for extremely demanding applications
  • Low vibration
  • Less burr
  • Reduced risk of tube-end deformation
  • Very high temperature resistance
  • To be used with spray mist or emulsion coolant for maximal results
  • For relevant applications, a recoating program is available



  • Cutting thin walled (stainless) tubes and profiles, sticky materials
  • Suggested cutting speed:
    Austenitic stainless steel (300 series) 30 – 50 m/min
    Ferritic w/o Ti (409 & 412) 220 – 260 m/min
    Ferritic with Ti (441) 60 – 120 m/min
  • Machines: Automatic, semi-automatic, flying cut off applications