OD 180 mm Laser Tube Cutting capacity + 5 Axes Automatic Laser Tube Cutting and Manual Loading

Cutting round, square, rectangle and various profile shapes

  • Cutting capacity up to OD 180 mm x 4t (Mild Steel)
  • Automatic laser tube cutting + Manual loading
  • 5 Electric Axis 
  • Equipped with 700W Laser Source (Standard)
  • Cutting Lengths up to 1,000 mm (longer lengths by request)
  • SOCO i2 (Intelligent Interface) 3D operation software


  • Cutting
  • Threading/notching/grooving
  • Drilling holes
  • Planer/slot opening
  • Easily converts 2D/3D CAD files to compatible SOCO-CAD program
  • It replaces traditional workbenches and minimizes labor and material wastage costs.
  • It provides full security for laser protection thanks to its body cover.
Round Tube:Φ20 ~Φ180 mm
Square Tube:20x20 ~ 125x125 mm
Rectangular Tubes / Diagonal Length:≤180 mm
Other Tubes:Please Ask
Type: Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Manufacturer: IPG (GERMANY)
Nominal Power: 700w - 1 kW
Frequency: 5000Hz
Wavelength: 1070nm
Beam Quality: 5 mm x mRad
Polarization: Random

Manufacturer: Precitec (Germany)
Focus Position Adjustment Range: +3mm / -5mm
Capacitive Distance Sensor Sensitivity: <0.01mm
Maximum Auxiliary Gas Pressure: 20 bar
Cooling: Water + Air
Collimator Focal Distance: 200mm(other options are optional)

CAPACITY(Wall Thickness) 700W
Mild Steel 4 mm
Stainless Steel 2.5 mm
Aluminum Alloy N/A

One SOCO SLT-180FA-Fiber Main Machine with 5 Axis Electric Servo
One High Power Laser Rezenator (700W)
One Laser Cutting Head; With automatic rangefinder sensor and quick lens changer system
One High Pressure Proportional Valve; For Auxiliary Gas
One 6500mm Magazine (Manual loading)
One Output Magazine (1000 mm)
One Laser Resonator Cooling Unit
One Cutting Head Cooling Unit
One Set of Auxiliary Cut-off Gas Connector
One Set Connector for Cooling System Gas
One Set Touch Screen CNC Control System
One SOCO-CAD Licensed
One Industrial Computer with High Capacity CF Card/ USB Connection/ Ethernet Interface
One IRMS system utility kit
One Set of Lens