Fully Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Line for Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and High Tensile Strength Round Tubes

  • Suitable for cutting Stainless and High Tensile Strength Parts, such as Impact Beams, Chassis Cross Bar Tubing, and Scaffoldings.
  • Automatic separation of first and last workpieces
  • Safety covers operational safety and noise reduction
  • Capacity up to OD 101.6 mm Round Tubes
  • Cutting Lengths from 2 to 500 mm (1 meter is optional)
  • Touch Screen Graphical Controls with Automatic Recommendation of Cutting Parameters. 3 to 5 minutes of setup time between most tube sizes
  • Together with SOCO's i2® (Intelligent Interface) Controls and Touch Screen, the SLT-RoundCut-ss offers precision and versatility, while allowing for quick setup time between different tube materials, sizes, and lengths.
  • Standard with 1kW Laser source (2kW is optional)
  • Standard with Rack Loader (6.5M tube length). Optional 6.5 Meters  and 8.5 M Bundle Loader
  • Dust Vacuum (Optional)
  • This machine can be connected to other SOCO solutions, such as Tube Chamfering and Deburring

Advantages of SLT-RoundCut-SS Tube Laser line

  • No Saw Blade, Fiber Laser Technology
  • Cuts any Material Hardness or Tensile Strength Material
  • Lowest Cost per Cut
  • Minimal Setup Time + High Output
  • Minimal Tube Deformation and Surface Marks
  • Low Maintenance

Full Automation,Standard with Rack Loader. Optional 6.5 meters Bundle Loading Magazine (MB6), and 8.5 meters (MB8)

  • Full Automation: Auto Loading + Feeding + Laser Cutting + Unloading
  • Dedicated System for Straight Cutting of Round Tubes
  • May use Oxygen, Nitrogen or Compressed Air for Cutting
  • Especially Suitable for Mild Steel, High Tensile Strength, and Stainless
  • Tubes
  • Single or Multiple Cutting Lengths + Multiple Output Outlet
  • Deburring
  • SOCO i2 Controls for Extensive DB of Cutting Parameters and Data Management

As part of an automation cells, It may connected to other SOCO Systems for





Round Tube:Φ12 ~Φ101,6 mm
Square Tube:N/A
Rectangular Tubes:N/A
Type: Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Manufacturer: IPG (GERMANY)
Nominal Power: 1 kW - 2kW
Frequency: 5000Hz
Wavelength: 1070nm
Beam Quality: 5 mm x mRad
Polarization: Random

Manufacturer: Precitec (Germany)
Focus Position Adjustment Range: +4mm / -4mm
Capacitive Distance Sensor Sensitivity: <0.01mm
Maximum Auxiliary Gas Pressure: 20 bar
Cooling: Water + Air
Collimator Focal Distance: 150mm(other options are optional)

CAPACITY(Wall Thickness) 1KW
Mild Steel 6 mm
Stainless Steel 4 mm
Aluminum Alloy 3 mm

One SOCO SLT-RoundCut-ss Fiber Main Machine with 4 Electric Servos
One High Power Laser Rezenator (1kW – 2kW)
One Laser Cutting Head; With automatic rangefinder sensor and quick lens changer system
One Laser Resonator Cooling Unit
One Cutting Head Cooling Unit
One Feeding Unit (6500 mm )
One 6500mm Loading Magazine (Rack)
One Industrial Computer with High Capacity CF Card/ USB Connection/ Ethernet Interface
One IRMS system utility kit
One Set of Lens
One Set of Feeding Axis Clamping Jaws(1x12-55mm; 1x15-65mm; 1x65-102mm)
One Set of Tube Rotating Rollers (1x12-90mm; 1x15-102mm)
One Set Nozzle (Ø1.2-1.5-2.0) and 1 Protection Glass