ÖZKA has become one of the leading industrial companies in Turkey and the world, with its knowledge and expertise back in 1980, when it was founded. It offers all the solutions needed by the industry to its customers and business partners with tube cutting and bending machines.

ÖZKA, acting with an innovative and open vision with its experience of more than 40 years, brings CE certified, high-efficiency technologies as the distributor of leading brands in tube bending and cutting in different regions of the world, especially in Turkey and the Middle East, and provides after-sales supports&training. With technical support we provide shows that we are always with our customers and business partners.

Since ÖZKA believes that sustainable success will be achieved through in-house and customer-oriented trainings, it has adopted the principle of transferring the necessary knowledge and equipment in this field to its employees and business partners. Together with our sister company ORKA, has also become a leader in after-sales services.

ÖZKA, which was established entirely with domestic capital, continues to expand abroad with new investments, being aware of its responsibility, at the point of reaching the targets of our country in the field of export, and contributes to the formation of the qualified workforce that our country needs in the field of industry and technology by providing new employment opportunities.

ÖZKA is among the leading companies in this field with its band and circular saw tube cutting machines , 2D and 3D laser cutting machines, tube bending achines, automatic double ends chamfering machines and lubricating fluid systems, to which it provides sales, marketing and service. It stands out from its competitors with the new products it adds to its product range every year and makes a name for itself with its full after-sales service and technical support services.

Our Vision

To be in leading role in the development of our country by achieving sustainable achievements in the field of Metal Industry.

To set new records by adapting to the competitive conditions in the foreign market, to provide value-added and new employment opportunities by continuing export-oriented works.

To provide solutions that fully meet the expectations of all our customers and stakeholders we serve.

To provide a perfect experience of the products designed with the latest technology in the field of metal tube cutting and bending by bringing together with customers.

Being aware of our responsibility in the field of social responsibility, to support social responsibility projects carried out on issues that concern the world and its contents.

Our Mission

To increase their competitiveness by offering solutions beyond the expectations of customers, by offering superior quality, long-lasting and efficient products.

To provide services to customers with after-sales technical support and training in the domestic and international markets, and to enable them to enter the production cycle quickly.

To lead the development of environmentally friendly technologies.


  • To always provide fast and flexible solutions to our customers and to ensure that they receive quality service.
  • The products we provide and serve are at the desired level in terms of energy consumption, safety, production efficiency and have global quality standards.
  • Making our employees, who are the main dynamics of our workforce, more qualified and efficient by supporting them with in-company trainings.
  • To act with an understanding that gives importance to the environment and human health.
  • To grow together, to win together, to always stand by our customers and business partners.



We act according to the principle of honesty, which is the most important value of commercial life, and we fulfill our promises to our customers and business partners completely and on time.

Customer happiness

It is our top priority to always provide an honest and perfect service experience to our customers and business partners.

We meet the expectations of our customers by offering quality products at the most affordable prices.

We ensure that our customers use our products in the most efficient and safe way with after-sales training activities.

Innovation and Change

By following technological innovations closely, we carry the change to the future with a sustainable success. We make you a partner in our success with state-of-the-art products in all areas where we offer products and services.

Team spirit

We are aware of the fact that we can achieve our goals with the joint action of all our employees, just like the wheels of a machine. We support our staff to work in the most efficient and humane conditions, and take the necessary steps by considering their ideas and suggestions.

Courage and Diligence

Established with an entrepreneurial spirit, ÖZKA has always approached innovation and change boldly, and achieved great success by working devotedly and passionately with all its management and employees under competitive conditions.

“We continue on our way with the confidence, courage and strength we receive from you…”