VS-400 AC is a rigid and high performance machine with a hydraulic system capable of automatic clamping and cutting.

The cutting head can rotate 0-90 degrees in both directions and allows miter cuts.

2-stage cutting speed (RPM) adjustment for smoother surface quality and precision

Relatively long materials can be cut with optional roller type tray(input-output)

High precision multi cuts can be made easily with the support and length adjustment indicator.

Round Tube:≤ Ø 127mm(90° ve 45°)
Round Solid:≤ Ø 100mm(90°) – ≤ Ø 70mm(45°)
Square Tube:125x125mm(90°) – 100x100mm(45°)
Square Solid:900x90mm(90°) – 60x60mm(45°)
Cutting Head : Hydraulic
Vise Clamping System: Hydraulic
Angle Cutting Capability : - / + 0 – 90°
Saw Type and Diameter: Ø250 ~ 400 mm (HSS)
Saw Cooling : Water based cooling
Saw Cycle Speeds: 2 Levels
1) 1 Set of Standard flat vise
2) 1 set Adjustable height gauge and stopper
3) 1 Set Tool Box
4) 1 User Manual

1) MQL Mist lubrication system
2) Safety Cover
3) Roller Type InputTable
4) Roller Type Output Table (Both stands are recommended for cuts with a cutting length above 500mm.)