It is designed to be used in areas where setting changes need to be made frequently. The time setting can be adjusted very simply with a button. Optionally, also PLC control units can be mounted in accordance. By adding a pump, outputs can be taken up to 5 points simultaneously.


• Band Saw Machines
• Circular Saw Machines
• Metal Forming Processes
• In Hydraulic Presses
• In Deep Drawings
• Threading Machines
• Switched Drills
• Milling Machines
• Lathes
• Scrubbing Benches
• Routers

Today, where efficiency, production quality, savings, and most importantly, human and environmental health are very important, the use of MQL provides many advantages to manufacturers.

Contribution of LUBKA MIST SYSTEM to Production:

The systems minimize friction by forming a thin oil layer between the cutting tool and the cut material during use. Thus, longer working times and process numbers are obtained without changing tools. The life of the tool, which is not exposed to excessive friction, is increased.

Contribution of LUBKA MIST SYSTEM to Human and Environmental Health:

In MQL Systems, vegetable-based oils that are completely harmless to human and environmental health are used. Since the amount of oil consumed during use is very low, the lubricant is lost with the sawdust of the processed material and does not leave any waste behind. This creates a much cleaner, healthier and safer working environment. In addition, it provides an odorless and smokeless working environment with the use of vegetable oil.

Voltage:24 V AC - DC
Air Pressure:4 - 6 bar
Lubrication Interval:0,1 sn. - 10 sec.
Lubrication Time:0,1 sn. - 10 sec.
Reservoir Tank:1,5 lt ~ 4,0 lt
Available Viscosity :2 - 3 cst
Vegtable Based Cutting Liquids
Solvent Based Volatile Liquids
Industrial Oils
Chain and Gear Oil
Low Level Switch
3 mt Nozzle Hose
1 pcs of Nozzle
Refilling Filter