High-speed automatic circular saw cutting system with automatic 6 meter bundle type loading magazine, provides perfect solutions for cutting high volumes of stainless, mild and high tensile steels up to 980n/mm2 tensile

Both TCT and HSS circular saws can be used in this system  which has an electric Servo Controlled feeding and cutting system.

It has a stronger gearbox system with magnetic brake and a carbide saw guide system for cutting with TCT.

Digital indicator and height gauge system provides the desired cuts and it can be easily adjusted and followed.

Automatic separation unit for both tube ends from workpieces

Graphic interface touch screen provides creating cutting files, editing the created files with much faster setting time

With patented SOCO i2® control system, the ability to automatically suggest according to the characteristics of the product to be cut minimizes user errors and allows the process to progress much faster with easy adjustment.

With the inverter, it makes it possible to adjust the cutting of different types and sizes of materials at wide speed scales.

Allowing easy and fast saw changes, it reduces downtime to the shortest time.

With special structure, it can be easily coupled to SOCO's automation system devices.

Washing Unit (TWD-90)

Deburring Unit (BDB-70)

Length Measurement Unit (LM)

Chamfering Unit (FM-76V)

Packaging Unit (NGO)

Round Tube:Ø 10 ~ 78mm
Square Tube:10x10 ~ 70x70mm
Rectangular Tube:15x10 ~ 80x70mm
First Crop Length:0 veya 10 ~ 500mm
Last Crop Length:50mm
Material TensileCapacity : Up to 980 N/mm2
Spindle Speed : 50 ~ 304 RPM
TCT Saw Size: Ø285 X 2.0t
HSS Saw Size: Ø200 – 275 mm
Maximum Cutting Length : 1000 mm standard (2-3-4.5m Optional)
Minimum Cutting Length : 50 mm
Number of Tube Support : 1 (2 Optional)
Programmable Cutting Lengths : Between 1 ~ 5 (in 1 Size material)
Raw Tube Loading Length : 3 ~ 6.5 Meters (8-12 Meters Optional)
1) 1 Set of 6 Meter BundleType Loading Magazine
2) 1 Set Inverter
3) 1 Set Magnetic Gearbox Brake System
4) 1 Set Manual Stopper + Digital Display
5) SOCO i2 Patented Control System and Graphical Touch Screen Interface
6) 1 Set Tool Box
7) 1 User Manual