SLT-ROBOTCUT is perfect to cut pre-bent tubes, pre-formed parts, and irregular workpieces.

This laser cutting machine ensures high flexibility and precision. A smooth cutting surface is possible thanks to the adjustable air pressure valve (from 0 to 20 bars). Cutting rate and speed can also be adjusted according to the thickness of the material. Multiple power ratings are available. 

3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

  • 3D Laser Cutting for Formed Parts and irregular tubes
  • The optical fiber laser source improves cutting efficiency and reduces material loss
  • 7 Axis System (optional 2 Axis Rotary)
  • 1kW ~ 3kW

3D Laser Tube Cutting for Bent Tube

  • Full cover to ensure the safety of the operators
  • The laser head is equipped with a stable height detection to ensure perfect cutting and regular workpieces
  • The air pressure valve can be adjusted from 0 to 20 bars
  • The software can monitor the cutting rate and adjust it depending on the thickness of the material
  • The advanced CAD-CAM system imports 3D files and translates them into cutting paths

Sprutcam CAD-CAM

  • 3D models can be directly imported and converted into cutting paths. The interference simulation can be used to optimize the path, speed, and parameter settings.
  • The complete path can be finalized locally, without re-drawing and importing.

S, L, U, R, B, T Axis ± 0.07mm
E1, E2 Axis            ± 0.2 mm

S Axis     150 degrees/second
L Axis     150 degrees/second
U-Axis     150 degrees/second
R Axis     250 degrees/second
B Axis     250 degrees/second
T Axis     250 degrees/second
E1 Axis 125 degrees/second
E2 Axis 110 degrees/second

LENGTH:1250 mm
WIDTH:1250 mm
HEIGHT:700 mm
Type Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Manufacturer IPG (GERMANY)
Nominal Power 1 kW - 2kW - 3kW
Frequency 5000Hz
Wavelength 1070nm
Beam Quality 5 mm x mRad
Polarization Random

Manufacturer Precitec (Germany)
Focus Position Adjustment range +5mm / -10mm
Capacitive Distance Sensor Sensitivity <0.01mm
Maximal Auxiliary Gas Pressure 20 bar
Cooling Water + Air
Collimator Focus Distance 150mm(other options optional)

CAPACITY (Wall Thickness) 1KW
Mild Steel 6 mm
Stainless Steel 4 mm
Aluminum Alloy 3 mm
One SOCO SLT-Robotcut Main Machine with 6+1 Electric Servo
One 2-Axis Extension Table
One High Power Laser Rezenator (1kW – 2kW – 3kW)
One Laser Cutting Head; With automatic rangefinder sensor and quick lens changer system
One High Pressure Proportional Valve; For Auxiliary Gas
One Laser Resonator Cooling Unit
One Cutting Head Cooling Unit
One Smoke Extraction System
One Set of Auxiliary Cut-off Gas Connector
One SetConnector for Cooling System Gas
One Set Touch Screen CNC Control System
One SOCO-CAD Licensed
One IRMS system utility kit
One Set of Lens
One Set Nozzle (Ø1.2-1.5-2.0) and 1 Protection Glass